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Many parts of Northern California were devastated by wildfires in October which claimed more than 40 lives and destroyed thousands upon thousands of homes, buildings, and other structures. Some early estimates say the fires will likely result in billions of dollars worth of damages.


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Northern California Wildfires – October 2017

  • Tubbs Fire (Napa & Sonoma Counties)
  • Atlas Fire (Napa & Solano Counties)
  • Nuns Fire (Napa & Sonoma Counties)
  • Cherokee Fire (Butte County)
  • Redwood Valley Complex Fire (Mendocino County)
  • Cascade Fire (Yuba County)
  • Sulphur Fire (Lake County)
  • Partrick Fire (Napa County)
  • La Porte (Butte County)
  • Lobo (Nevada County)
  • McCourtney (Nevada County)
  • Honey (Butte County)

The fires caused widespread destruction throughout the region. In Sonoma County, thousands of homes and other buildings in the major urban center of Santa Rosa were burned by the blazes, impacting the city’s approximately 167,000 residents. Another fire-plagued California’s Wine Country as it seared through Napa County. Residents of Mendocino, Butte, and Tubbs Counties were also affected by the raging fires.

Reports indicate that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) equipment may have contributed to these horrible fires. The Mercury News reported that investigators are looking into whether or not PG&E was negligent in the maintenance of power lines and electrical transformers. The investigation is also raising questions regarding whether the company might have failed to remove trees and vegetation from power lines, adding fuel to the fires as a result.

The California Fire Lawyers, a legal team consisting of acclaimed environmental attorneys from Baron & Budd, Singleton Law Firm, Dixon Diab & Chambers, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, and Terry Singleton, Esq., are currently representing more than 350 victims of the Northern California wildfires against PG&E in a lawsuit to hold the utility company accountable for their alleged role in the cause of the fires.

“The California Fire Lawyers is a team that has already taken PG&E to court for wildfire cases and we are here to make sure that this corporation is held accountable on behalf of the thousands of residents in Northern California who are impacted and forever changed by this disaster,” said Scott Summy, Baron & Budd Shareholder and leader of the firm’s Environmental Litigation Group.

If you or a loved one were affected by the Northern California wildfires, an experienced wildfire attorney may be able to help you recover your losses. Please call the California Fire Lawyers at 707-533-8128 or contact us online to discuss your legal options.

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